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MVP Idea Validation Diary - A free Notion template that helps you validate your MVP idea | Product Hunt

Why minimum viable product?

Let’s say you have an idea. Just like any other idea, no one knows if it's going to be successful. One way to test that would be to build the whole app and push it live. BUT, that would take a lot of time, money, and other resources. Another way to test if your idea to be successful is to build a small, “lite” version of your idea, and see how the public reacts to it. That lite version is your MVP and this is where we shine!

The Process


  • Initial Assessment

  • Deep Dive

We discuss the product you want to build over a call or meeting, and look into what you already have in place if it’s the case. After the assessment we are able to prepare an indicative/tentative quote for you.

Output: A project proposal

Google Design Sprint

  • Start at the End

  • Ask the Experts

  • Target

The first day of the Design Sprint is for gathering requirements. We try to understand and define all of the bits and pieces that define your idea.

Output: A list of requirements

  • Remix and improve

  • Crazy 8's

During the second day we have the most fun. You and us are taking the time to sketch out all of the screens and features of your MVP. This is when we define the UI/UX.

Output: Wireframes

  • Vote

  • Rumble

  • Storyboard

After the second day we'd have a big stack of solutions and ideas. But we can't prototype and test them all. The third day is when we sit down to make some decisions. We go through each of them and decide which ones have the best chance of achieving your long-term goal. Then a storyboard gets created from the winning solutions.

Output: A storyboard

  • Trial Run

  • Look for mistakes

  • Interview script

The storyboard from yesterday now gets built into an interactive prototype that will mimic the flow and functionality of your end product. That's all we need to do the user testing later. It's faster and cheaper than actually developing the app.

Output: An interactive prototype

  • Interviews

  • Taking notes

  • Learn!

The last day from the design sprint is the most exciting one. This is when we show your prototype to potential customers and observe them as they use it. This will give you an idea of how customers see and experience your app and you'll know how far you want to go, and what to do next.

Output: A summary from the interviews


  • Scoping

  • Design

  • Development

  • Testing

We build your product over multiple milestones and always start with a detailed definition (Milestone 1, Scoping) on which we base the Statement Of Work design and development to which we commit. Milestones 2+ are about executing the design and development as defined during scoping.

Output: Your precious MVP ⭐️

  • New project

  • Maintenance

  • Hand-over

Once the product is done, we can either handover everything to your team or stay on board over a monthly retainer to maintain and/or continue building.

Output: The codebase and all the resources

Why us?

  • No fixed pricing & timeline.

  • Low flexibility. Slow start & scaling. High termination cost

  • High management complexity.

  • Medium risk of failure.

  • High overhead costs.

  • Medium engineering quality.

  • Fixed pricing & timeline.

  • High flexibility. Quick start & scaling. No commitment.

  • Low management complexity. Smart, transparent & managed process.

  • Low risk of failure, through data-driven monitoring.

  • Zero overhead costs. No hiring, no office, no management.

  • Top 4% engineering quality.

  • No fixed pricing & timeline.

  • Low flexibility. Slow start & scaling. High termination cost

  • High management complexity.

  • Medium risk of failure.

  • Low overhead costs.

  • Medium engineering quality.

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